Snorkeling tour with a personal guide


What you’ll do:

All available times are forecast for the best conditions but please enquire if your preferred date or time is unavailable! Safety

I check condition every morning before start snorkeling, checking water conditions for safety and visibility, and to see where all the fish are! I’m taking with my small first aid and I’ll be your guide all the time in the water if you need any help. Before the experience start you will get a good introduction to the basics of snorkeling safety. In the Adriatic sea, we don’t have any potentially dangerous species, basically, you can watch, touch, feel almost all species without any danger to you. I’ll show you what you can touch without any danger to you or wildlife in the ocean. See and Learn system

We’ll go straight to where conditions are best with the most to see. Snorkel with some of the 100+ species of marine life I have photographed and identified here over 10 years of marine photography. I’ll be pointing out everything I see as some species are very well camouflaged! I will tell you important facts all about them too, some species are really fascinating! Wonderful creatures seashell, octopus, fish and crabs, sponges and seastar are just a part of what we will see. Through this experience, you will learn to live with nature, feel the magical side of the underwater world. Photography With my camera I’ll be taking photos throughout the snorkel tour.


Organic olive oil – dive in the orchards


What we’ll do:

I’ll take you to our olive orchards close to Vodnjan, where we’ll have a stroll through several fields. You’ll get to know the difference between various types of olive trees, the details of organic production, how the olives are grown and how olive oil is made first hand. We’ll also taste the three different labels of oil we produce, you’ll understand and learn how to taste and distinguish between good and bad olive oil in the very place it is made! Of course, we’ll throw in a glass or two of some top local wine just to keep you going 🙂

All the secrets of olive oil uncovered

What we’ll do

I’ll teach you everything about olive oil: what are the different varieties of olive trees, how the oil is made, what are the important characteristics and flaws and how to detect them, all this through tasting several different varieties of olive oil we produce. We’ll discuss organic production and its specificities, about cuisine and pairing of oils with foods, about their health benefits and more!

Kayak tour cave exploring

What you’ll do:

Discover Pula´s sea side through kayaking, snorkeling and cave exploring. The tour takes about 3 hours and we can adapt it to your wishes. Maximim people on the tour is 17 so we really care about knowing all of you and have a possibility to talk with each of you personally. The tour goes on the Seagull´s rocks, more specifically in the cave with kayaks. Complete adventure is documented with cameras, even underwater. We will also take a fridge with cold drinks (water or beer) which are included in the price. You need to bring towels or equipment for the beach. And you can take your phones with you – there is a drybag.

Full-day Private Tour of Istria

What we’ll do
Enjoy a day of visiting the main features of coastal and inland Istria. Join me in discovering the amazing history, culture and local life of the hilltop towns of Motovun, Groznjan and the beautiful coastal town of Poreč. Learn about the differences of living on the coast vs hinterland, notice the differences in food, local customs and people. We will visit one of the main truffle producers so you can taste the magical ingredient that has marked the gastronomy of the Istrian hinterland. Among the beautiful views of the land and the sea we are going to have lunch in a local inn (konoba) where the food comes directly from the owner’s garden

Be a stable hand for the day

What you’ll do


Upon meeting at the ranch, you will be introduced to the horses Aldo, April and Sixty and you will get to know each ones unique character. Help out with our daily routine and learn what is involved with keeping horses apart from just riding. We will feed, groom and muck out the stables (optional), then prepare the horses for their daily exercise. Learn how to handle horses whilst unmounted including leading and lunging. Learn to ride and have a ride around the ranch. Our horses are suitable for all levels and we are happy to tailor riding and unmounted activities to meet with your requirements. Once the horses have been exercised, we will turn them free in their pasture and then have some time for refreshments and play some fun games.

I do it my way Pula Walking Tour

What you’ll do 


Meeting point is at Tito’s Park (bronze model of the city). We’ll take a small walk through the park and see sculptures of the partisans and the monument built by sculptor Vanja Radauš. Let’s start as Romans. A little bit of huge Amphitheater and Gates of the city (Twin gate, Gate of Hercules, The Arch of the Sergii). We’ll take a Time Machine in the City Center: stories through the history till today. We’ll pass by all those ancient monuments and places you can see in the centre. But there are some stories you can not see. There are stories of my childhood that intertwine with all those places and make them more personal than history itself. My favourite point in the city centre: Cinema history and “Heart of gold” story. At the moment you already forgot of ancient Pula, here it goes a little bit more: Sergei Street “Center Spider’s Web” Floor Mosaic “The Punishment of Dirce” Agrippina’s House Forum & little bit of magic Monte Zaro Park – at this point we are on the way to explore the most fascinating building: Community Center Rojc We are now in this imposing building with such a great history. Completely changed, becomes the centre of culture, place of music and great people. In the inner courtyard, there are bars where you can find refreshment. But before, you need to see painted halls and get lost in a maze of Rojc. I know the way out 🙂

Brijuni Islands Kayak tour

What you’ll do


The tour is starting from Stinjan and after a short briefing, we get into our kayaks and start our adventure. We “voga voga” towards the north/eastern side of (Brijuni island) “Kozada” along its magical coastline, and a beautiful view of Brijuni islands. As we make our way towards the island Jerolim, which is also a part of Brijuni islands we make a stop there and explore the island. There You can swim, snorkel and have a drink either of the local Eco beer Kampanjola or water. At the island of Jerolim, there are nice beaches, friendly donkeys and Peafowl (peacock birds) along with the breathtaking views.

Bike tour around Pula

What we’ll do


Our tour starts on Gregovica, locate 15 minutes walking from the city centre. There’s also plenty of parking space for those who come by car. We will begin the adventure by cycling to Verudela, from where we will follow the coast and the beautiful beaches along the way. The ultimate destination of the tour is Valovine beach on Stoja, where you will be able to take a break, swim in the sea, snorkeling, and explore the blue cave.

Sunset Kayak Tour Pula Harbour

What you’ll do


Enjoy kayaking into the sunset with a beautiful view of the Arena amphitheatre. This evening tour is so serene and relaxing it makes for a perfect end of the day. The meeting point is in Lucica Mandrac, situated in the north part of the Pula harbour, with a big parking lot right next to it. After the introduction and safety briefing, you are free to jump right into our “sit on top” kayaks, ideal for beginners, and enjoy the 2 hour ride! PS, during the tour, you will be able to see the city’s most famous landmarks from a unique point of view.