What you’ll do 


Meeting point is at Tito’s Park (bronze model of the city). We’ll take a small walk through the park and see sculptures of the partisans and the monument built by sculptor Vanja Radauš. Let’s start as Romans. A little bit of huge Amphitheater and Gates of the city (Twin gate, Gate of Hercules, The Arch of the Sergii). We’ll take a Time Machine in the City Center: stories through the history till today. We’ll pass by all those ancient monuments and places you can see in the centre. But there are some stories you can not see. There are stories of my childhood that intertwine with all those places and make them more personal than history itself. My favourite point in the city centre: Cinema history and “Heart of gold” story. At the moment you already forgot of ancient Pula, here it goes a little bit more: Sergei Street “Center Spider’s Web” Floor Mosaic “The Punishment of Dirce” Agrippina’s House Forum & little bit of magic Monte Zaro Park – at this point we are on the way to explore the most fascinating building: Community Center Rojc We are now in this imposing building with such a great history. Completely changed, becomes the centre of culture, place of music and great people. In the inner courtyard, there are bars where you can find refreshment. But before, you need to see painted halls and get lost in a maze of Rojc. I know the way out 🙂