What you’ll do:

All available times are forecast for the best conditions but please enquire if your preferred date or time is unavailable! Safety

I check condition every morning before start snorkeling, checking water conditions for safety and visibility, and to see where all the fish are! I’m taking with my small first aid and I’ll be your guide all the time in the water if you need any help. Before the experience start you will get a good introduction to the basics of snorkeling safety. In the Adriatic sea, we don’t have any potentially dangerous species, basically, you can watch, touch, feel almost all species without any danger to you. I’ll show you what you can touch without any danger to you or wildlife in the ocean. See and Learn system

We’ll go straight to where conditions are best with the most to see. Snorkel with some of the 100+ species of marine life I have photographed and identified here over 10 years of marine photography. I’ll be pointing out everything I see as some species are very well camouflaged! I will tell you important facts all about them too, some species are really fascinating! Wonderful creatures seashell, octopus, fish and crabs, sponges and seastar are just a part of what we will see. Through this experience, you will learn to live with nature, feel the magical side of the underwater world. Photography With my camera I’ll be taking photos throughout the snorkel tour.